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Society is changing and its “movements” have collateral effects on all aspects of life as we know it. In Our country , men are known to spend a lot more time at home than in the past, helping out with children and housework, as a result of the proclaimed men-women equality.

Sober furniture details, less flashy colors and functionality over “cuteness” are just some of the features expected in a home with male dominance. If you think about it- strictly from an aesthetic point of view- this situation can create a great visual balance, one that will make both partners feel at ease in their own crib.
Men being more involved in interior design is not the only social trend for this year. Another interesting shift will be made from personal tastes to group tastes and from a single designer to interior design teams. Efficiency will go sky-high, as project tasks will be well managed by more than one person.
Desire for self expression is more and more obvious in the houses of people everywhere. We want to have furniture and decorations that mean something, that make us smile and that ultimately make the place feel like home. Re-purposing various objects and materials is now both a passion and a form of art. Variety of texture will also be a key factor in arranging spaces.
RIPL Group, with respect for past accomplishments of Interior Design leaders, strives to create a strong niche for the most talented and visionary Interior Design professionals, to elevate the profession to the level it warrants, and to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design innovators. The Association provides a forum to demonstrate design professionals’ impact on the health, safety, well being and virtual soul of the public, balancing passion for good design and strategy for best business practices. Amazing World at the intersection of passion and strategy where designers create extraordinary interiors and experiences.
We believe in building strong relationships with each individual client through the development of strong long-term relationships.
It is my absolute priority to provide an exceptional level of customer service to ensure you are always happy with your Interior Designing.
Pay exceptionally competitive prices for beautiful, original interior design pieces.
In addition to the items on our website we can source a large selection of quality furniture, fabrics and accessories at competitive prices, email us your query.
We look forward to being a part of your next renovation.